AGI Versions

There were three main version of the AGI interpreter. The first version was the one used with KQ1 and KQ2 when they were originally released. The graphics were in CGA but apart from that the games looked very much like the later EGA remakes. The second version is the one we are most familiar with and was used for the majority of the above games. It added support for the 16 color EGA card but still kept the old 160x200 resolution that the original games had. The third and final version of the AGI interpreter came out for only a short while before the SCI interpreter hit the scene. There were five games that I know of which used this version. Sierra obviously noticed the increased size of the games and therefore added data compression to this version. There are a few differences in the way the data is stored other than the compression as well, but the data itself still contains exactly the same information. It is therefore possible to convert a version 3 game into the version 2 format and vice versa.

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