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3.2 VOL File Format (version 2)

by Lance Ewing
Last updated: 31 August 1997
Retrived from the Internet Archive

VOL files are the main data files for AGI games. They contain four types of data: LOGIC, PICTURE, VIEW, and SOUND data. A VOL file is a collection of a large number of these "resource" files which can be in any order. The directory files determine the start of each resource.

The start of every resource file has a five byte header.

0 1 2 3 4
Signature Vol Length

Signature: is always equal to 0x12 : 0x34
Vol: gives the VOL number that the resource is contained in.
Length: is the length of the resource taken from after the header.

The data after the header depends on the type of resource file. These formats are documented elsewhere.

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