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AGISB version 0.3

Anders M Olsson, 1998

This is an experimental patch for Sierra's old AGI games, to make them play three voice music and sound effects via a SoundBlaster or AdLib card.

ZIP File AGISB version 0.3 (ZIP file) [42.0 KB]

After the patch has been applied, the game will require a music card to run. Speaker support is removed to make room for SoundBlaster support. So don't try to run a patched game on a computer without proper hardware. There is no check that a card is in place. Absent sound hardware may cause the computer to hang, or other strange behavior may occur.

You need a Sierra game with an interpreter version 2.911 or above. NOTHING OLDER WILL WORK! To check the version number of your Sierra interpreters, use Jeremy W. Hayes program "AGIVER" available from:


(If your game is not version 2.911 or above, see If your game has an unsupported interpreter version.)

MAKE A BACKUP COPY OF THE FILE AGI BEFORE PROCEEDING! To apply the patch, simply run the program AGISB.EXE from your game directory. By default, the file AGI will be patched,

If you wish to use other file names than the default, give them as arguments on the command line. Like this:

AGISB [infile] [outfile]

If your game has an unsupported interpreter version:

You can extract a version 2.9xx interpreter from another game! When you apply the patch, a small fix is also applied to disable the detection of game IDs. So a patched version 2.9xx interpreter should happily play any version 2 game without complaining. But please don't try to use a version 2 interpreter with a version 3 game or vice versa! All version 3 games should probably work directly, without substituting the interpreter.

To move the interpreter from one game to another, copy the files (included):

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