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AGI Studio

Peter Kelly's AGI Studio

AGI Studio was originally developed by Peter Kelly. It has been furtehr developed and ported by several others. AGI Studio v131a is the last version released by Peter Kelly.


AGI Studio

by Eric Fullerton 

Changes made since version 1.31a from Peter Kelly's original release (under the GNU General Public license) were made by Eric Fullerton (Nailhead)



AGI (Adventure Game Interpreter) is the adventure game engine used by Sierra on-line to create some of their early games. With the release of King's Quest 1 in the early 80's, it introduced the gaming world to the concept of a 3D graphical adventure game, where the player could move a character around the screen, behind, in front of and over objects. Other commands could be typed in, just like a text adventure. A number of other games that used AGI were subsequently released, such as Space Quest 1 & 2, Police Quest 1 and Leisure Suit Larry 1 to name a few.

The graphics were rather blocky, using a 160x200 resolution, which I believe is because of the graphics mode used by the IBM PCjr, for which the interpreter was originally written. AGI used the internal speaker for sound on PCs, but on pretty much every other system (Mac, Amiga, Tandy, PCjr) it was capable of doing 3 voices.



Since late 1996 a number of people around the world have been working together to figure out the data formats used by AGI, with the intention of being able to view and edit the data. It has taken a while, but we are now at the point where we can do this, and even create our own adventure games using the system.


I began modifying AGI Studio to satisfy me and my team as we develop a game entitled, "Nailhedz". I am open to suggestions however as to satisfy the AGI community, but I cannot guarantee anything as it would take time away from my game developing. I hope that you find these changes to be useful.

This project is no longer in development by Eric "Nailhead" Fullerton.



AGI Studio

AGI Studio
AGI Studio is a Win32 MDI application which features:







Logic Editor






Object Editor & WORDS Editor










View Editor & PICTUE Viewer










Version 1.37 (9/27/02)

Version 1.36a (9/26/2002)
Version 1.36 (5/2/2002)
Version 1.35 (3/22/2002)
Version 1.34 (02/25/2002)
Version 1.33 (10/10/01)
Version 1.32a (10/09/01)
Version 1.32 (10/04/01)

* Note: This project is no longer in development by Eric "Nailhead" Fullerton.

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