Special Variables

Some variables have special meaning to the interpreter:

Var Define name in template game Description
0 room_no Number of the current room
1 prev_room_no Number of the previous room
2 ego_edge_code Which edge of the screen ego is touching
0: not touching edge
1: horizon
2: right edge
3: bottom edge
4: left edge
3 score Current score
4 object_touching_edge Number of an object other than ego that is touching the edge.
5 object_edge_code See ego_edge_code
6 ego_dir Direction of ego's motion (see Moving Objects for a list of directions).
7 max_score Maxmimum score
8 free_memory The number of 256-byte lots of free memory available for resources.
9 unknown_word_no If the player has entered an unknown word, this is set to the number of that word (i.e. 2 if it's the second word entered). Otherwise, this is 0.
10 cycle_delay Delay between interpreter cycles (*1/20 second)
11 clock_seconds Number of seconds on the interpreter's clock (the clock is reset when the game starts).
12 clock_minutes Number of minutes on the interpreter's clock
13 clock_hours Number of hours on the interpreter's clock
14 clock_days Number of days on the interpreter's clock
15 joystick_sensitivity Sensitivity of the joystick
16 ego_view_no Number of the view assigned to ego
17 error_code What type of error has occured
18 error_information Extra information about the error
19 key_pressed The ASCII code of the key that has just been pressed, if any
20 computer_type Type of computer (0=PC)
21 window_close_time Number of half-seconds to wait before closing a window (if 0, the window remains on screen until the user presses a key).
22 sound_type Sound generator type. (PC=1,Tandy=3)
23 sound_volume Volume of the sound
24 (unknown) Always seems to be set to 41
25 selected_inventory_item If the player has selected an inventory item from the inventory screen, this is set to the number of that item (or 255 if ESC was pressed).
26 video_mode Video mode:
0: CGA (black-cyan-magenta-white CGA palette)
1: RGB (blue-yellow-red-green CGA palette)
2: Hercules
3: EGA4: VGA

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