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AGI Game Debug Modes


AGI Games (1984-1989)

Most AGI games still have the debug code that developers used while the games were being developed. Most of the games activate their debug modes by pushing the ALT-D key combination. The other games use a "magic phrase" to enter the debug mode. Once activated, here are commands that can be used.

Standard AGI Debug Mode Commands:

Command Result
TP Teleport to room.
SHOW PRIORITY Displays the current rooms priority bands and control lines.
GET OBJECT Get any inventory item.
GIMME GIMME Get all inventory items.
SHOW FLAG Displays one of the 256 flags.
SET FLAG Set one of the 256 flags.
RESET FLAG Clear one of the 256 flags.
SHOW VAR Displays one of the 256 variables.
SET VAR Change the value of one of the 256 variables.
POSITION Change egos position.
SHOW POSITION Show egos current screen coordinates.
OBJECT NUMBER Displays list of all the objects and their object numbers.
OBJECT ROOM Displays which room an object is found in.
ROOM Displays room number.
SET PRIORITY Set the priority of ego.
RELEASE PRIORITY Release the last priority that ego was set to.
NOTE: Only the TP and SHOW VAR work in versions of the AGI games included with the collections.

AGI Game Specific Debug Modes

Of all the AGI games, it is unknown whether the KQ4 256K version, MH1, MH2 and Mixed Up Mother Goose have a debug mode or not. KQ4 will almost certainly have one, while MUMG probably doesn't even though its words.tok file has all the debug words contained in it. Manhunter 2 has some kind of debug mode which allows you to teleport and change variable values because there are text messages in the first LOGIC file along these lines. Manhunter: New York probably has the same debug mode.

To access the debug mode in King's Quest I-III (in the newer versions of the game most of the debugging options won't work) while playing press Alt+D. Two information boxes will appear. Press Enter to get rid of them. Enter the right command to enter debug mode.

Game Command
Gold Rush type "bird man".
Kings Quest I Alt+D and Enter twice
Kings Quest II Alt+D and Enter twice
Kings Quest III type "rats ass" or Alt+D
Kings Quest IV AGI Alt+D and Enter twice
Leisure Suit Larry 1 Alt+D and Enter twice
Police Quest 1 type "stink bug".
Space Quest 1 type "backstage" or "dbg".
Space Quest 2 Alt+D and Enter twice

AGI Game Specific Debug Commands

King's Quest III

Here are a few interesting tricks to help you deal with that intolerable wizard in debug mode (). Type:

Code Result
enchanter status Were wizard is, when he'll return, etc.
do chore To have your task done for you.
sleep enchanter To put him to sleep.
bye bye enchanter To kill him.

Space Quest I-II

While playing, press Alt+D. Two information boxes will appear. Press enter to get rid of them (in the newer versions of the games though, most of the debugging options won't work).

Space Quest I

Code Result
tester Displays Rogers screen coordinates.

King's Quest 4 AGI

For a list of room numbers for KQ4, see the KQ4 map page.

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