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9.1 Websites and people


Last updated: 27 January 1998

Nat Budin

Email: budinn@reocities.com
Website: imAGIne

Nat mainains the windows help file version of AGI Specs.

Vassili Bykov

Email: vbykov@CAM.ORG

Vassili has translated the documents from the AGDS package.

Nuno Costa

Email: bfe2257@mail.telepac.pt
Website: The Sierra AGI World

Lance Ewing

Email: be@ihug.co.nz
Website: The Hidden Secrets of Sierra

Lance has figured out and documented many of the file formats. He has also written showlog (to decode the logic resources), showpic (to decode the picture resources), play (to play the sound resources), volx and xv3 (which extract resources from the files), glue (which will "glue" resources into an AGI v3 game) and picedit (a picture editor).

Jim Fowler

Email: greekcat@hotmail.com

Jim is the author of AGIC, a logic compiler and AGIGLUE, a program to "glue" resources into an AGI v2 game.

Jeremy Hayes

Email: mikeph@concentric.net
Website: Avis Durgan

Jeremy has written agiver (which displays the version number of a game and interpreter), and maintains Version Control which is the list of all known AGI games in existance.

Peter Kelly

Email: ptrkelly@ozemail.com.au
Website: Sierra Classics

Peter is the author of AGI Studio, and it's DOS-based predecessor, AGI hack. He also converted and maintains the HTML version of AGI Specs.

Drew Klepper

Email: sixpack@earthling.net

Kirk Klobe

Email: KirkK@Rainier.com

Joakim Möller

Email: jmoller@algonet.se
Website: The Sierra Adventure Hacking Paradise

Joakim has worked on xvol with Lance, and is currently developing a Win95 editing package called AGRedit.

Carl Muckenhoupt

Email: carl@earthweb.com
Website: Baf's SCI page

Although not directly involved with AGI, Carl has done a lot with the early SCI games (version 0 & 1). He is the author of SCI decoder, which decodes and displays a number of SCI resources.

Mike Phillips

Email: msphil@widomaker.com

Jens Christian Restemeier

Email: jchrr@hrz.Uni-Bielefeld.DE

Jens wrote wrote SND2MIDI which converts AGI sounds into MIDI format.

Martin Tillenius

Email: mrtn@rocketmail.com

Martin has worked on xvol with Lance, and is also the author of MATS (a logic compiler).

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