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9.2 The AGDS Package

Retrived from the Internet Archive

Last updated: 27 January 1998

A few years ago, around 1990-91, there was a project in Russia similar to ours. Pretty much all of the file formats were figured out and documented, and a suite of programs which would allow you create and edit AGI games was created. This was called AGDS (Adventure Game Design System).

Of course this was in the days before the internet took off, so no one put up a website about it, which is why we assumed we were the first ones to do this. But thanks to Igor Nesterov who supplied the package and performed the original translation of the documentation, we can now benefit from this project. Vassili Bykov has since provided an improved translation.

I have recently found out that the author of the package was Alex Simkin (with help from Serge Lapin). Alex tells me that some of the tools were originally written to solve a puzzle in Leisure Suit Larry 1. A friend from Elias (a publising group) asked him to make a compiler so he could edit the logics and translate the games into Russian. The AGDS package was the result. I would like to thank Alex and Serge for all their work on AGDS, which has helped us a lot, particularly in the area of logic programming. I would also like to thank Konstantin Mironovich for putting me in touch with Alex after seeing one of the AGI websites.

You can download the AGDS package from some of the websites in section 9.1.

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