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AGI Specifications

Last updated: 11 July 1998
Retrived from the Internet Archive

Click here do download a zipped package of the AGI specs


Important note

AGI specs is intended for people writing AGI programs such as editors, viewers and Interpreters. It is not supposed to be a beginners' introduction to AGI, or a logic programming guide for those who just want to create games (although it can serve as a reference for more advanced logic programmers). If you want to learn the logic programming language, I suggest you read the logic section of the AGI Studio help file, and the various other bits of documentation and tutorials that are available on the net. The programming info here is mostly from the AGDS package, which was produced by others a few years ago, and uses different syntax and terminology for the language and can be confusing if you are using AGI Studio for your programming.

Note, there is some sample Code included with these specifications. They can be downloaded in one ZIP package here.

1. About AGI specs

1.1 Introduction
1.2 What's New

2. The AGI Interpreter

2.1 General AGI Overview
2.2 How the Interpreter Works (from AGDS docs*)
2.3 Variable Types Used
2.4 Memory Usage
2.5 Game IDs & Loaders
2.6 Processing Parsing Player Input (from AGDS docs*)
2.7 Version Control
2.8 Version Differences

3. Formats of the Resource Files

3.1 Directory Files
3.2 VOL File Format (version 2)
3.3 Version 3 Resource Storage
3.4 Sample Code

4. LOGIC Resources

4.1 LOGIC Resource Format
4.2 LOGIC syntax
4.3 Command list & argument types
4.4 Description of the LOGIC commands (from AGDS docs*)
4.5 Discussion of sample LOGIC Code from KQ4
4.6 Sample Code

5. PICTURE Resources

5.1 Format of the PICTURE Resource
5.2 Format of the PICTURE Resource (from AGDS docs*)
5.3 Sample Code

6. VIEW Resources

6.1 VIEW Resource Format
6.2 VIEW Table & VIEW Test Commands
6.3 Sample Code

7. SOUND Resources

7.1 SOUND Resource Format
7.2 Sample Code

8. Other game data

8.1 OBJECT File Format
8.2 WORDS.TOK Format
8.3 Sample Code

9. Other information

9.1 Websites and People
9.2 The AGDS Package
9.2 The Making of Thunderstorm Educational Program (from AGDS docs*)

* This is from the manual of AGDS (Adventure Game Development Toolkit) which contains a good deal of information about the AGI Interpreter and its data formats. Translated from Russian by Vassili Bykov, vbykov@cam.org

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